WHAT's a Prepper's Paradise?
Where is one located?

Looking to Homestead?

Why be a loan wolf homesteader where few if anyone near you is a prepper when you can homestead with like minded preppers?

Tactical & Practical

Mainstream Prepper Homesteads are tactical b/c in the event of an emergency, you have a built in survival group in place. Everyone will be skilled, geared, and ready to work together. What's that worth?

Our Homesteads are practical because there are numerous financial and cooperative benefits of homesteading near each other. We're considering a community water tower, community barn/tractor/etc, and of course - Hey brother can you give me a hand pouring this concrete? Having an extra set of hands now and then is priceless!

Prepper Communities Make Sense:

  • Develop Self Sufficiency Skills
  • Divide and Conquer various Projects
  • Privacy, but with Preppers nearby
  • Like Minded Prepper Neighbors
  • Thrive in Good Times & Bad
  • Prepper Retreat Nearby
  • Far Easier to Take Vacations
  • People are Social Creatures
  • Permaculture? - yep
  • Aquaponics? - yep
  • Self Reliant? - oh Ya!
  • Secure? - Like None Other
  • We've got AMAZING Land!
  • MUCH Cheaper than doing it alone

Planned homestead communities:

  1. Camden County, MO
  2. Montgomery County, AR
  3. TBD, likely IN or OH
  4. Uruguay and/or Costa Rica
  5. Israelite (YHVH) Community
  6. Have Land? Let's Talk!
Phase One
Phase Two
Phase Three


We aim to form several homesteads with the following features:

  • 1 tank of gas from large cities
  • Light population density
  • Away from likely drift
  • Away from Nuclear Plants
  • Away from major fault lines
  • Secluded/Hidden
  • Accessible yet VERY Secure
  • Great soil for growing food
  • Decent year round climate
  • Usable Acreage
  • Purpose built, but still nice

Homestead Features

  • Securable Perimeter, Secluded
  • 24x7x365 Security
  • Tornado Shelter
  • Strategic Entrance Path / Choke Points
  • Listening Posts / Observation Posts (LP/OPs)

Existing Infrastructure

Is the Prepper's Paradise a Good Fit?

Cost to Purchase:

~$50,000 + $40/mo

- cost varies per acreage qty -
- subject to change -

Payment plans available Inquire for details

Want to Homestead With Us?

  • First Come First Serve on Acreage Selection
  • Existing Members Vote in New Members
  • All Documents/Easements/etc done 100% Legit
  • Neighbors that are Like Minded - Priceless
  • Lone Wolf Homesteaders are Easy Prey for Serious Threats
  • We Preppers are people too. Relax. Live. Enjoy.
  • VERY Family Friendly!

Member Requirements

Click to download the PDF >

Scholarships & Discounts

Scholarships and discounts may be available on a case by case basis for those with expertise in:

  • Medical / Paramedic / Nursing
  • Security / Defense / Military Background
  • Gardening / Greenhouse / Livestock
  • Concrete Home Construction
  • Preparedness Influence / Audience
Please describe any expert skills / training you may have when you request your member application.

7 Steps to join

  1. Submit Application Form
  2. Interviews
  3. Members Vote
  4. Deposit in Escrow
  5. Criminal Background Check
  6. Sign Member Agreement
  7. Work/Training Weekends
Request Application Form
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