What is a Bug Out Retreat?

A bug out retreat is a place of refuge for those in the preparedness/survivalist movement.
Often called a "Bug Out Location" or "BOL", they are a self sufficient, secluded, easily defended, homestead that would be used in troubled times to escape the chaos, violence, and other effects of possible threats and disasters.

Within about a tank of gas of your home, a secure bug out retreat keeps stores of food and water, clothes, medical and other supplies, off grid power, and more. Ready for your arrival at a moment's notice.


In order:
-- Rural Mtn Cabin
-- Ozark Homestead
-- Undergrnd Bunker
-- Bug Out RV

Different styles of bug out locations are designed for different purposes. For evading coastal storms, the Bug Out RV might be ideal.
But during apocalyptic nuclear war, sitting in your underground bunker watching "Doomsday Preppers" on your DVR will be better.
Seriously though - Different retreats suit different purposes. It's about having a secure, secluded, stocked, self reliant retreat.

15 Reasons you might want a
Bug Out Retreat:

15 Reasons you might want a Retreat

  • Develop Self Sufficiency Skills
  • Job Loss / Bankruptcy
  • House Fire / Tornado
  • Area Flood / Earthquake / Other Disaster
  • Drought / Crop Failures / Food Supply Disruption
  • Sustained Power Outage
  • Social Unrest / Riots
  • Economic Collapse
  • Hyperinflation
  • Martial Law
  • EMP
  • Solar Flare/CME
  • Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown
  • Nuclear or Biological Warfare
  • Terrorist Attack
  • Virus / Pandemic
  • Zombie Apocalypse (just kidding!)

The Typical Bug Out Location

Most survivalists cannot afford to live at a rural homestead retreat year round. They have jobs, families, etc. Many people live in or near town but setup a retreat for an 11th hour departure, planning to quietly arrive and sustaining themselves through dangerous events.

Why not just take shelter in your home?

Looking at the reasons for having a retreat, if those scenarios lasted weeks or longer, most any city or suburban home would not be a smart place to be. Even being in a country home that is not designed as a retreat would put you at high risk for crime, violence, and generally just as vulnerable as your neighbor.

Is Having a Bug Out Location Worth It?

Building a homestead or retreat for a bug out location is time consuming to build, tremendously expensive, and burdensome to maintain. However, with current events and what sometimes seems as a high possibility of a major breakdown, many are not willing to chance not having an operational bug out location at the ready.

Mainstream Prepper RETREAT Groups

Mainstream Preppers is helping preppers connect with skilled prepper groups and form bug out retreats. The combination of skills, gear, and self reliance would be difficult to match working alone.

When thinking about retreats, note that the #1 ingredient is having a prepper group. There is strength in numbers. With the right group in place, the retreat is stronger, and much more affordable.

Please Note:
This graphic is for illustration purposes only. Any real retreat design would be kept confidential.